A critical analysis of women in manufacturing

Hale, L. (2013). A critical analysis of women in manufacturing. Race, Gender & Class, 20(1/2), 281–293. http://www.jstor.org/stable/43496919

“This research is a critical analysis of women working within the manufacturing sector. Women’s work within factories has been ignored and the main focus of analysis with regards to the manufacturing sector has been on men. This critical analysis strives to correct for the lack of research within this area. With Marx as a theoretical framework, this researcher strives to understand the particular conditions effecting women within this employment sector. This paper examines women’s manufacturing within a historical context and the continuation of bias within the workforce, such as the influence of World War II on women’s jobs and the legislation in place to minimize women’s employment opportunities. Finally, this research examines the continued issues women face labor in modern day society.”