Four Ways to Actually Create Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, June 11, 2020

This article from Forbes outlines four things workplaces can do to create diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They are: 1. Create trainings and policies around racism just as there are policies in place to prevent sexual harassment. (These trainings and policies should be an ongoing effort within the company rather than a one-time experience. To see long-term change, these trainings and policies being engrained into the company culture.) 2. Expand your company’s network for hiring. (Companies often hire and source from the same schools, jobs fairs, networks, etc. which can lead to the same type of individuals working within the company hindering efforts for diversity and inclusion.) 3. Create a safe space for your current and future black, non-black people of color and minority employees that allows them to express their concerns around racism and diversity in the workplace free from fears of being bullied, mistreated, demoted, or even fired for speaking up. And 4. Leadership needs to be held accountable for the change that needs to occur within their organization.

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