Group seeking equality for women in tech raises $11 million

Griffith, E. (2020). Group seeking equality for women in tech raises $11 million. The New York Times.

All Raise is a nonprofit formed by female venture capitalists in response to harassment and discrimination in Sillicon Valley. Griffith reports shocking statistics about women in tech: “Forty-four percent of female founders said they had been harassed. Two-thirds said they had been propositioned for sex, up 9 percent from 2017, and one-third said they had been groped, up 7 percent from 2017.” These numbers reveal that in a lot of ways this industry has taken a step away from inclusion in the workplace. All Raise is determined to support women in tech with peer groups, bootcamps, and mentorships for female investors and founders. Griffith also highlights the importance of networking and the ways in which it is harder for women and other minorities to break into these networks. Though groups like All Raise create progress, there is a lingering frustration that speaking up about discrimination can often times cost you your career status.