In a field dominated by men, she’s in charge

Hannon, K. (2020). In a field dominated by men, she’s in charge. The New York Times.

Tonya Hooks is an accomplished electrician that runs her own business. This article uses anecdotes from Hooks’ career to highlight the discriminatory practices that have historically affected women in the construction industry. The odds are against women starting with the statistics: “In the United States, 2.4 percent of electricians are women, and 9.5 percent of electrical contracting businesses are owned by women.” Additionally, Hooks was discouraged by her mother, university professor, and her apprenticeship program; people from all facets of Hooks’ life believed that she had no place being an electrician as a black woman. Though Hooks is proud of herself for all she has accomplished, she wants more for women like her: “‘I look at construction as the last frontier for women. I don’t think it’s any better than when I started. It takes a long time to change culture. And it’s not where it needs to be for women to feel there is a real opportunity.’”